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photo by: Helene Mastrandreas



Y.L.V.A is the music project of Ylva Falk.
Coming from a small village in a big forest, with a lot of space to imagine the big world. She made her dream come true by training as a warrior and survive in the city.
Always longing for love, falling in love. Falling again and again, stepping up, and out and about. Little flower on the inside needs water. Dancing through life, feeling like nature, wanting to flow like water, talk to the wind and give you fire.
She went to the jungle, was heart-broken and tired, didn’t know where she was going. She slept till she woke up, let space to whatever it was that wanted to come out. She went to the waves and the ocean, surfed. It felt like falling in love again, fear, meaning, poetry…
This journey became the birth of an Inner Garden, a side Ylva hasn’t yet expressed. A sensitive, fragile side yet part of the powerful woman she is today.
Ylva grew up on the Swedish countryside, her main inspirations as a child was the nature, the spirits and her night dreams. Far from everything in the middle of nowhere, Ylva’s dads vinyl collection that contained everything from psychedelic rock, communist / folk songs to reggae, hip hop and pop, became a way for her to travel out of the ordinary. 
Graduated from a contemporary dance school in Sweden, Ylva moved to Paris at the age of 20 and since then she’s been expressing herself as a: dancer, performer, choreographer, model and dj.She’s part of the Parisian performing art collective “House of Drama”, and she choreographs and performs with the Chinese artist “Tianzhuo Chen” aka “Asian Dope Boys” etc